About Us

About Us

Kunshan Popular Gift Co. Ltd

Popularpins is one of the only industry suppliers that owns and controls our own factory in China. Many suppliers claim to be factory direct, but only a select few even have a priority relationship with their overseas factory, let alone a 100% ownership stake.

Qianming Gifts Factory Plating Factory

Popularpins is a professional group company that owns a complete industry chain, covering an area of 10,000m2, more than 300 employees and 200 sets of production equipment. It has more than 20 years of history in manufacturing. It has a metal gift factory in Kunshan, China. And it has own metal gift factory in Changde, Hunan Province. It means that the most important electroplating process of metal products is completely controlled by us. All workers are experienced and efficient. So you don’t worry about your delivery.

Qianming Gifts., Ltd

We also have an excellent trading company in Yueyang, Hunan Province. All sellers are ready to serve you wholeheartedly. Each process is monitored carefully from inquiry, production to delivery, all processes are controlled by our subsidiaries. We have a professional and matured customer service team, unified management, top-quality product, reasonable production arrangement, fast production and shipping, good after-sales service. All these make us become a leading enterprise in the metal gift industry in China.

What does this mean for you and, more importantly, your client's order? First, owning your factory means you are the master of production. Not only can schedules be adjusted to accommodate rush jobs and new, time-sensitive orders, but your products can be proofed by the photo at any stage of production.


In addition, all of our products are hand made by permanent employees. We don't use temporary workers, only experienced die makers, color artists, and plating professionals. The Result? Every product shipped by POP is of the very highest quality, and our dies have more detail than other suppliers' offerings.


At POP, we LOVE our products. That's right! Every employee is absolutely enamored by lapel pins and fine emblematic, and we get really excited over-detailed designs and great looking pins! Your clients DEFINITELY want their pins to be made by pin fanatics. We know the ins and outs of every process and can suggest ways to streamline your design or suggest different pin processes that will work better with your design.

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Our goal is to provide every client with the highest level of quality, attention to detail, and customer service.... at the lowest prices possible. Our vision is a world filled with bright and shiny pins!

Come and join us in our love for HANDICRAFTS!